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    Delivering Solutions on Time

Cleaning Equipment and Supplies for the Workplace and Home

We are a locally owned, independent, janitorial supply distribution business located in Bellingham, Washington. We focus on building relationships with our customers by: - Improving your marketplace image. - Increasing the efficiency of your facility maintenance program. - Reducing costs with the newest, most innovative products and practices. - Offering the fastest response time with service that decreases your inventory costs. - Minimizing your risks by creating a safer, healthier work place or home. We want to be your innovative supplier of sustainable solutions for maintaining your workplace and home.

Let us help you ELEVATE your current supply chain!

ELEVATE, a supply chain analysis program available exclusively to Bay City Supply, will analyze your company’s supply chain management and help you to achieve your goals for cost savings, sustainability or anything in between. Tailored around your business goals, ELEVATE offers unique recommendations for process improvement.

This FREE service can be performed when it’s convenient for you, and you won’t have to leave your office.

With help from tutorials and videos, ELEVATE will guide you at your own pace through a simple, step-by-step analysis of your facility. In 30 minutes or less, you will create a custom profile that aligns with your business segment, answer questions about your business priorities and current supply chain, and scan product opportunities. ELEVATE then converts the information you provided into a single-page summary that outlines potential cost savings. At any time during your supply chain analysis, talk to an expert in real-time or request a consultation for further assistance with supply chain optimization. ELEVATE is so fast and easy, you can get started right away!

Click here to get started.